Our homework this year will be given on a weekly basis. The homework will reinforce the stories/lessons we are covering in the Scott Foresman Reading Street series and our Go Math! book. The homework is intended to help students further grasp the concepts taught within the classroom. All homework will be located in the R.O.C.K.S binder behind the homework tab.

Unit 1 Week 1 ~ Sam, Come Back!

Word Wall Words: on, way, in

Spelling Words: at, can, cat, back, dad, am, bat, mad, ran, sack, way, on

Unit 1 Week 2 ~ Pig in a Wig

Word Wall Words: and, take, up

Spelling Words: in, it, did, sit, six, fix, lip, mix, pin, wig, and, take

Unit 1 Week 3 ~ The Big Blue Ox

Word Wall Words: get, help, use

Spelling Words: mom, hot, hop, pot, pop, ox, lock, mop, got, rock, help, use

Unit 1 Week 4 ~ A Fox and a Kit

Word Wall Words: eat, her, this, too

Spelling Words: nap, naps, sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, her, too

Unit 1 Week 5 ~ Get the Egg!

Word Wall Words: saw, small, tree, your

Spelling Words: bed, men, red, step, ten, net, leg, jet, sled, wet, saw, your

Unit 1 Week 6 ~ Animal Park

Word Wall Words: home, into, many, them

Spelling Words: run, cut, must, sun, up, bump, jump, bus, nut, rug, many, into